Study tutoring Learn to learn

Bellingua tutors students in all school subjects, including languages, sciences, economics and general subjects. A specific study method is examined closely. During a trajectory, the student is trained in using his or her own, effective study method. This should allow him or her to continue on his own feet. 


Study method based on 5 directives 

The five directives - planning, insight, learning method, self-evaluation and motivation – are always paramount.

By mirroring and by training habits, the student is prepared to continue with real chances of success.


A team of coaches, each expert in their own domain, takes the student with patience and perseverance in tow. All study coaches are qualified teachers, bachelors, masters or engineers... with experience in teaching.



Bellingua organizes training sessions for its coaches at regular intervals. Experiences are exchanged, methods are deepened and the approach to certain students and their evolution are discussed. In this way, quality is constantly improved.



During an intake interview, in which as much information about the student as needed is brought forward, we propose a trajectory. Each pupil or student is tutored individually. Clear communication between the student, the parents and Bellingua creates an atmosphere of mutual trust


Progress and results are discussed at the end of each period and the approach is adjusted, if necessary! The results are paramount! Because it is the results that have ensured that Bellingua has been trusted by many parents for many years!