About Bellingua


Who are we?

Nicolas Belpalme takes care of the general management, sales and quality monitoring of Bellingua. Griet Supply is the driving force behind the language academy and language kicks.


Together with an extensive team of trainers, tutors, translators, copywriters and interpreters, they give the best of themselves every day! Bellingua is, not least, shaped by our numerous clients; from private individuals to SMEs to large companies across the whole of Flanders!


Contact Professionals: nicolas.belpalme@bellingua.be

Contact Students & Kids: griet.supply@bellingua.be

Contact General: nicolas.belpalme@bellingua.be



2002 Bellingua founded by Griet Supply and Nicolas Belpalme in Boezinge.


2006 opening offices in Ypres, Westkaai 17,1a


2009 extension offices in Ypres, Westkaai 18 (fully equipped for students and children)


2010 opening offices in Roeselare, Arme Klarenstraat 27


2013 market expansion across the entire Flanders Language Kicks for Kids in Ypres, Roeselare and Kortrijk


2016 Bellingua gets a new look! The Roeselare office becomes the head office and is completely remodelled.


Nov. 2016 Bellingua becomes holder of the IS9001: 2015 quality certificate and is accredited for the SME portfolio. This can be consulted by a simple request via e-mail.


2017 Bellingua is bearer of the Q*For Food certificate, enabling companies in the food sector to obtain additional subsidies.


Sept 2017 Bellingua opens an office in Lille in northern France and offers its services to French companies.


Jan 2020 Companies that employ staff in France can now also contact Bellingua for vocational training programs that are subsidized by the French government.