General terms and conditions

1. Unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing and signed by us, our general terms and conditions shall always apply and take precedence over any terms and conditions of our
contracting party. In case of conflict between the general terms and conditions and the special conditions of the contract, the latter will prevail.

2. All quotations, in any form, are based on the currently valid prices and are valid for a period of one month from the quotation date, unless otherwise stated on the quotation.
Consequently, the written acceptance of our quotation must be in our possession, duly signed for agreement, no later than the last day of the aforementioned period. After this
deadline, we are entitled to make price adjustments.

3. We are entitled to revise the price of the language training/sessions/courses if the price of the hourly wages of our employees or our self-employed workers has increased by more
than 10% between the date of the quotation and the scheduled date of delivery. The price increase is calculated by comparing the hourly wages on the two relevant dates, and by
applying the coefficient thus obtained to the price offered by us.

4. The client is deemed to act in the capacity of author of the text to be translated and expressly authorises the translation thereof, in accordance with Article 1 of the Act of 30 June
1994 on copyright and related works. We retain copyright over the translations performed. Accordingly, the text may not be reproduced in any form, in whole or in part, by any
means, including electronic, without our express prior written consent. We are bound by professional secrecy and, unless otherwise agreed in writing, are obliged to keep the
content of the source text and the translation itself confidential.

5. The delivery deadlines – which for translation shall only start from the moment of receipt of the text to be translated – are given for information purposes and shall never give any
right to delay interest or compensation. Nor do they give the right to cancel the order unless sixty days after a registered demand for delivery.

6. We reserve the right to require an upfront payment of 40% of the price at any time before proceeding with our performance. Should reasonable doubt arise regarding the fulfilment
of the client's obligations, the client shall be obliged to provide security upon first request. In the event of deferred payment, judicial reorganisation or bankruptcy, the client is not
entitled to demand the continuation of current contracts and/or we are entitled to demand full advance payment before continuing the performance.

7. If the client refuses to pay the requested advance, we shall be entitled to consider the order null and void by operation of law and fixed damages equal to 40% of the amount of the
order shall be payable by the client without prejudice to our right to claim higher damages if proved. The same compensation shall be due in case of termination or cancellation of
the order by the client, whereby the client shall owe compensation for the services already performed and a cancellation fee of 40% of the part of the order not yet performed.

8. The start-up of language training and tutoring is always done in consultation between ourselves and the client. A language training or tutoring session or any other session ordered
can only be rescheduled on another date free of charge upon written request at least 5 calendar days before the scheduled date. If the request to change the date of the session is
transferred between 5 calendar days and 24 hours before the fixed time, the participant shall owe 50% of the cost of the session. If the participant fails to attend or requests to
reschedule the session less than 24 hours before the scheduled time, the full cost of the session shall be payable regardless of the reason why the participant(s) cannot attend and
course materials will be sent after full payment.

9. A language training course is spread over the duration indicated on the order form, starting from the order date. This agreement means that, unless agreed otherwise in writing,
the sessions ordered can only be scheduled within that period. If, after the agreed period, not all sessions have been organised, the total price of the ordered training remains due.

10. The participant of the course or training expressly accepts that photos and videos taken during the activity through any medium (print, website, social media, DVD, etc.) may be
made public as well as used for promotional purposes. However, participants or trainees are not allowed to make and/or distribute audio and/or video recordings of the activity
without our permission. Violation of this article will irrevocably expel the participant from the activity without entitling him or her to any form of refund, while we reserve the right
to hold the participant liable for any damages suffered by us. We have the right to expel a participant of an activity with disruptive behaviour or disruptive mobile
phone/tablet/computer use from the venue, without him or her being entitled to any kind of refund.

11. If we are unable to accommodate a private session or training, one or more new dates will be suggested to the client or participant.

12. Our courses and tutoring sessions are built up using a responsible pedagogical methodology and we make every effort to provide the best possible course and tutoring to the
participants. However, we cannot give any guarantees as to the result and/or improvement of the participants of the course or tutoring, as this depends on the commitment and
intellectual capacities of the participant(s).

13. Complaints concerning the invoices and/or the translations must be notified to us in writing within fourteen days of receipt of the invoice or receipt of the translation, respectively,
under penalty of cancellation. Complaints or disputes regarding the non-conformity of the translation, formulated within the contractual deadline, must be thoroughly justified
using dictionaries, glossaries or equivalent text material written by authorised native speakers.

14. We have the right to update justified comments on translations ourselves and provide an additional or improved translation, without this giving rise to any compensation (indirect
costs, damages, loss of use, operating losses, etc.) at our expense. Our liability is always limited to the invoice amount for the relevant order (excluding VAT).

15. If we engage a third party for the execution of our assignment, the client waives towards our company any recourse and all rights arising from the non-performance of the third
party. On the other hand, we transfer to the client, who accepts this, any recourse, rights and claims that we might assert against the third party or parties concerned in this regard,
in accordance with the terms applicable to the agreement between the third party and our company. The client thus has a direct claim against the third party and is solely responsible
for fulfilling the formalities that make this transfer opposable to third parties.

16. All our invoices are payable in cash at our registered office. In the event of full or partial non-payment of the debt on the due date, the amount due will be increased, by operation
of law and without notice of default, by an interest equal to the Belgian legal interest rate plus 2%, with a minimum interest rate of 12% per annum, from the due date. In case of
faulty non-payment of the debt on the due date, its amount shall be officially increased, by operation of law and without notice of default, by 10%, with a minimum of 40.00 € and
a maximum of 2,500.00 €, even when periods of grace are granted, as a fixed compensation for extrajudicial costs.

17. The non-payment of an invoice on its due date entitles us, by operation of law and without notice of default, to suspend any further delivery of goods and/or services and shall lead,
by operation of law and without notice of default, to the following: (1) the immediate exigibility of all invoices not yet due, both of our company and of our affiliated companies and
(2) debt renewal and/or bilateral and/or multilateral debt settlement, both in favour of our company and of our affiliated companies. By 'affiliated companies' we understand:
companies belonging to the same group, it being understood that proof of this can be provided by any means of law.

18. The client accepts that electronic communications and backups may serve as evidence.

19. Only Belgian law is applicable, without any rule of referral being able to lead to the application of another law. Any disputes of any kind belong to the exclusive jurisdiction of the
courts and magistrates’ courts with (divisional) seat in Ypres, even when the payment is stipulated with cheques or bills of exchange.